What are Modular Boxes?

Hungry Robot "Modular Boxes" are desktop synth modules that are powered with the same 9V DC power supply that you would use for a guitar pedal.  No expensive racks, cases, power supplies, or ribbon cables to deal with, making startup costs very low.  "Modular Boxes" are fully compatible with the majority of modular and semi-modular gear out there.  Voltages are internally converted to +12/-12V to seamlessly integrate with Eurorack.

"Modular Boxes" are a fantastic option for many applications:

          - Building a low-cost, standalone system
          - Additional functionality to semi modular systems

               - i.e. Mother-32, Minibrute, 0-Coast, Dreadbox, etc.

          - Integrating into larger Eurorack system

***An isolated power supply is ideal, but even lower budget "isolated" supplies like the Caline CP-05 will get amazing results***

***A Visual Sound ONE-SPOT will also work in a pinch, but is not isolated when using daisy-chain***